THz time-domain spectrometer

BATOP offers a wide range of THz spectrometers and THz kits. Depending on your prerequisites and budget you may choose a benchtop THz spectrometer, a pre-assembled THz system or a THz kit.
All setups are controlled via USB using the LabVIEW based proprietary T3DS software package. The obtained THz spectra can then be processed to determine the material properties.

TDS10XX - Benchtop THz time-domain spectrometer

The benchtop THz spectrometers are easy to use and meant for laboratories where material characterization shall be performed in the THz region. The spectrometer comes with an internal sample compartment (which can be purged with nitrogen) or external fiber-coupled antennas.
Both setups can be used to conduct transmission and reflection measurements. Additionally, the fiber-coupled antennas may also be used for THz imaging or angular resolved measurements. All spectrometers are controlled via USB using a laptop with the pre-installed T3DS software package. Read more ..

Time domain THz spectrometer

Universal spectrometer TDS1008

Pre-assembled THz system (laser provided by customer)

The pre-assembled THz systems are designed to use a laser provided by the customer. The beam paths for the emitter and detector antenna will be pre-aligned. Therefore, it is only required to feed the laser beam into the optical setup. Hence, the system is designed for customers who are familiar with optical setups but may not be as familiar with THz spectrometers. The linear stage and the data acquisition system are controlled using the T3DS software package that is pre-installed on a laptop. Read more ..

Pre-assembled THZ TDS for fiber coupled antennas

Pre-assembled THz spectrometer for fiber coupled antennas at 800 nm wavelength

THz Kit

If you are familiar with the principles of THz time-domain spectrometers and have a fs laser you may choose a THz kit to build your own system. BATOP will provide you with the software, the signal generator, the data acquisition unit, the linear stage and the THz antennas. We can also give you advice on the necessary parts to build the THz spectrometer yourself. The linear stage and the data acquisition system are controlled using the T3DS software package that is included on a DVD or can be installed on a separate laptop. Read more ..

THz kit

THz kit with antennas

PCA - Photoconductive antenna

We offer different types of photoconductive emitter and detector antennas for laser excitation wavelengths from 800 nm up to 1550 nm. More about PCA ...

Antenna chips

Antenna chips